Fertility is something most people think about at some point in their lives.  Fertility, simply stated, is the ability to produce offspring.  Unfortunately fertility rates have been dropping in many parts of the world including Canada.  There are many reasons for the fertility rates going down, especially in industrialized countries, and one of these reasons is people are waiting until they are older to have children.  As women and men age, their fertility usually decreases.  Fortunately there are many simple things that can be done to increase your chances of conceiving.  Below are 5 easy steps for women and men to help increase fertility…

1)    Reduce Stress:  This is always easier said than done but reducing stress can increase the chances of implantation.  There are many ways to reduce stress including going to a Traditional Yoga class, or practicing some deep breathing at home.  Going for a walk or doing something you love like getting out and dancing with friends can do wonders for how you feel!  What is most important is to start loving life again!

2)    Get More Sleep:  Getting enough sleep each night is so important for many body processes.  The body regenerates while sleeping and the liver is active at night detoxifying the body.  Getting enough sleep at night can also help reduce the amount of stress you feel during the day!

3)    Reduce Exposure to Toxins:  There are so many things we come into contact in our daily lives that put a toxic burden on our bodies.  Everything from household cleaners to perfumes increase toxins in the body.  Think of the things you can change, for instance, using vinegar and baking soda as household cleaners instead of chemicals with toxic fumes.  Also, reducing the amount of skin and hair products you put directly on your skin and scalp.  As an alternative, use some coconut oil to smooth away flyaway hairs and as a natural skin moisturizer!

4)    Lifestyle:  Simple lifestyle changes such as eliminating alcohol, cigarette smoke and caffeine are important steps to increasing fertility since, in excess, these all can reduce sperm count and sperm motility.  Eliminating alcohol and smoking from your diet are also important ways to keep the toxins out!

5)    Nutrition:  Nutrition is most important when it comes to fertility.  There are many processed foods on the market and they are great for convenience, but not so great for your health.  Having lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, organic if possible, is important to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals to keep the body working optimally.  Choosing whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa more often will give you more fibre and nutrients than white bread and pasta.  Making sure you get enough healthy fats from raw nuts and seeds and reduce your intake of saturated fats from animal products is also a good choice.  For protein, try to eat more beans and lentils instead of animal products, as this will give you plenty of fibre, which will aid the body in elimination and detoxification.  Remember that variety is key when it comes to nutrition.  Last but not least, make sure you are getting enough water.

Whenever you start any diet or lifestyle changes, it can take approximately 90 days to see these changes reflect in your body.  That is why it is important to start as soon as possible and keep focused to increase your chances of fertility.

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